Wooden USB Stick

Wooden USB Stick

Unique USB sticks made from real wooden branches, selected for their individual natural beauty. Available from 1gb to 8gb from the always fashionable OOOMS online store.


Klipsch Mode N/C Headphones

349.99 BUY MORE

These new copper & black noise-cancelling headphones from Klipsch are just amazing looking. Exuding both fashion and luxury, you’ll be riding in first-class no matter where you sit.


Kenny Powers – MFCEO

Hilarious short on Kenny Powers‘ takeover as CEO of KSWISS. Hard to believe this is an official video, but all I know now is that I want a pair of these shoes. Warning: NSFW Language.


Supra / Struggling Custom Shoes

A stellar set of custom Supra kicks from Designer Struggling (Chris Weston), set to release July/Aug 2011. Be sure to hop on these quick, they’ll be gone in a flash.


Railroad Spike Bottle Opener

18.95 BUY MORE

These bottle openers are hand-forged from old railroad spikes that were collected from abandoned railroad lines. Cheap, and sure to turn heads at your next cocktail party.


USB Wall Socket

24.99 BUY MORE

Add two additional USB plugs into a standard wall socket without blocking any of the original plugs. If you ask us, these should come standard in new houses these days. Brilliant!


Protect Your Cup

Sometimes, the simplest ideas tend to be the best, like this basic stop-plug idea to protect your cup from co-workers. This idea comes from Israeli designer Efrat Gommeh,