iWatch Parody

It’s inevitable that the iWatch will be coming to a wrist near you… and everyone else’s. Here is a preview of what you can expect with the new revolutionary iWatch from Apple.

dumb and dumber to trailer

Dumb & Dumber To Trailer

We don’t think this needs much explanation here, but this is the premier trailer for the Dumb & Dumber sequel. Expect the same slap-stick humor that may or may not be dated by the time this


Ear Worms: Down On My Luck

Fresh off his appearance as part of the 2014 XXL freshman class, Vic Mensa releases his first single with a great time shifting video to boot. Mensa rhymes over a driving club beat, switching up


Jazz and Rain

A simple webpage that lets you listen to the sounds of rain while relaxing to jazz music. It even includes some FMV of a rainy window scene to set the mood. Great for: increased focus, use as a

how ink is made

How Ink Is Made

Ink is something that’s pretty easy to take for granted. Do yourself a favor and watch this quick How It’s Made to catch a glimpse of the fine detail that goes into well made inks.


Grass Hammock


The Field Hammock refers to the human wish to control nature by mastering lawns. It’s a culture that goes back centuries. This hammock displays the control humanity got over the fields.


Surfer Toys Attack Teahupoo

Karim Rejeb creates extreme sports stop-motion with playmobil characters, in this episode the playmobil riders explore the surfing world filmed from the Xtreme Video Playmobil boat!


A Separate Reality

Alex Andreev creates amazing digital illustrations and states: “It sounds paradoxical but digital art attracts me because it is free of technological influence. While in traditional arts technologies


Real Life Hoverboard

We’re not even going to bother giving you the price on this hoverboard. Just watch the clip above, and awe at the awesome that the future of technology is bringing to our doorsteps.


Beautiful Little Moment

NSFW Language. The Game Grumps game reviewing show, has a very unique audience that likes to takes excerpts from the show and animate them in far out ways. This rendition of


3D Glass Sculptures

Layering digital prints on two dimensional panes of glass, Eyal Gever is able to achieve a hyper-realistic image of the smoke given off of a volcanic eruption and the mushroom cloud of an


FIDLAR – Cocaine

Definitely NSFW. Well this certainly is an unexpected turn from Nick Offerman. A very, ahem, unique music video from the alt punk group FIDLAR.


Steak Saws


Embrace your inner manly man and saw through thick steaks with ease! The 5in. long, stainless steel, serrated blade comes with an ergonomic handle for tough jobs.


Morgan Freeman on Helium

Ever wonder what the unmistakable voice of Morgan Freeman sounds like on helium? Watch this clip and wonder no more. Through the Wormhole is another great en vogue science


Hunger Solving Food Hacks

Have you ever been so hungry, that you feel you can’t even wait a minute more to eat, but you’ve only got a few bucks to spare? Hit the source link to get a huge breakdown of super cheap

a tribute to discomfort

A Tribute to Discomfort

Cory Richards, a NatGeo photographer creates a promotional piece to demonstrate the scope of his work and the passion and athleticism that accompanies him in the field.


The Knockout


An attachment that will turn any bottle into a beer bong, water bong, gravity bong and a BEER gravity bong, (a.k.a. a Knockout). Snoop approved – The Knockout won the award for Best Stoner


Life After Pi

The upsetting documentary about the VFX company that won an Academy Award for its groundbreaking work on “Life of Pi” – just two weeks after declaring bankruptcy. The film



On Japanese game show Tore!, contestants must do more than solve puzzles and show their knowledge. In one part, they must climb a wall. In another, they must avoid mummification.


Surreal Animated GIFs

Milos “Sholim” Rajkovic has created a surreal collection of animated GIFs showcasing faceless people with moving mechanical parts packed into their heads. The models he used his GIFs

led dog collar

LED Dog Collar


Just the type of inventions we like. Cheap, practical, and long lasting. Lightweight for your dog’s maximum comfort, these collars provide illumination from up to 1000 feet away.


Transparent Vortex Faucet

Created by French designer Philippe Starck for Hansgrohe SE, the Axor Starck V faucet has a transparent basin that allows for the visibility of water as it intermingles with air, creating a