Seinfeld: “The Human Fund”

We just can’t get enough of these re-cut Seinfeld episodes made to look like drama or action films. This one has top-notch production value and will be getting


Chiddy Bang – I Can’t Stop

With a freshly released mixtape, Chiddy filmed a music video for their Flux Pavillion cover that looks pretty authentic. Captured in a club (live?) with lazers, DJs and dancers. Also, Manners.


Personal Instagram Book


Hipster brought to physical form. Take the retro iPhone app and create a book from your favorites. Blurb automatically enhances the image resolution for printability and your book


Post-It Note Animation

Cute stop animation made ​​with 350 thousand sheets of Post Its, on the front of the Galeria Melissa in São Paulo for the launching of the “Melissa Power of Love.”


Entourage Farewell

With Season 8 starting this weekend, iTunes has grabbed the exclusive rights to the farewell special, before you can view it on HBO. Look for this to become the norm


WTH Nick Arcade

One of our favorite childhood shows was Nick Arcade. Yet some how we don’t really remember as being so cheesy. It was probably just ahead of it’s time. Yeah…


Musical Table: Rumba

Interchangeable and modular coffee tables where each piece plays a different sound when tapped. Available in four different sizes. Family dinners just got a little more interesting.


World Record Blob Jump

World Record Blob Jump, at 56 feet, recently accomplished in Cham, Switzerland. While I wouldn’t say I’m one to be afraid of heights, just watching this clip encroaches on my comfort zone.


Cowboys and Aliens Trailer

Firefly meets James Bond meets War of the Worlds meets the chick from House? No idea whats going on here, but I like it!


DJ Benzi – Sunscreen

Don’t get burnt! New mixtape from Benzi with a nice summer chill vibe. Featuring Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, De La, Tribe, Jay-Z, Mos Def and the list goes on. Hit the link for the tracked out version.


Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

I could have sworn we already had 3 of these movies, but it looks like Sony Pictures is trying to reignite the Spider-Man movie series with their latest iteration.


New Old Spice with Fabio

Looks like old spice is moving their train onwards and branching out to a more known celeb… Fabio! Are they going in the right direction though? Still plenty funny as the old commercials though.


MotoGP Turning @ 1000fps

MotoGP world champion, Casey Stoner, breaks down the technique needed for cornering a MotoGP bike while at incredibly fast speeds…all caught in super slow motion.


David Hill Photos Decompressed

Everyone’s favorite post-processing photographer David Hill gives us a peak into their technique that allow them to achieve the one of a kind photos photographers have been drooling over for years.

bare knuckle boxing

The Handlebar Moustache

Not all occasions call for a handlebar moustache, but when one does, you want to be ready. A great new commercial from Heinekin Light Beer.


Guitar Oscillations Captured

See what happens when this guy hits record on his iPhone, dumps it inside his guitar, and plucks a few strings. Click here to read up a bit on how it actually works.