Sleep Walk

A black hole appears over 1959 Manhattan and during these last few moments of the apocalypse; a homeless doomsday enthusiast learns that it is never too late for redemption.



There are all sorts of Aliens living throughout space. Johnny is a Space Delivery Man who travels to different planets to deliver packages. Johnny is lazy and his only desire is to sleep in


Seeds – A Google Glass Film

At first we were a little annoyed to see a film entirely shot on Google Glass, but the longer it drug on the more feels we had bellowing up. Great ending.



GeoGuessr plops you down at a random place in the Google Maps street view, and you have to find out where you are just by traversing the streets. Protip: Search for languages and street signs.

neighbors trailer

Neighbors Trailer

NSFW. Seth Rogen, Zac Efron and Rose Byrne lead the cast of Neighbors, a comedy about a young couple suffering from arrested development who are forced to live next to a fraternity house

the mazer runner

The Maze Runner Trailer

Based off the best selling book of the same name, is this the next tween Summer hit trilogy? We loved the books and the trailer looks to be a faithful recreation.


Sounds of Aliens

We’re going to have garden-themed nightmares thanks to this sound design-focused Alien: Isolation dev diary, which reveals that stomping on ripe vegetables sounds suspiciously similar to an


TMNT Trailer 2

We don’t care if Michael Bay is the director and we don’t care if they make terrible animated turtle faces. We’re going to post every trailer that comes out for this masterpiece.


Pinewood Derby + Science

7 simple steps that actually matter to building a winning pinewood derby car. A great science exploration into making the best block-o-wood car possible.


Jon Lajoie – Please Use This Song

This one’s dedicated to every terrible local car dealership and furniture outlet out there with their own theme song. Speaking of Jon Lajoie, when does The League come back?


Did You Know Gaming? THPS

One of the standout games in our gaming history has always been the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series. Watch the history of this great genre making masterpiece here.



Finding it hard getting motivated to finally start learning how to program? Well you can either pay for this service and watch girls take their clothes as added incentives, or you can


Why Da Vinci Was No Genius

An amazing video essay, in regards to the pursuit of success, and the distorted modern definition of it. This analysis of highly successful figures over the years, with an emphasis on Leonardo Da


A Canadian Burglary

A brief glimpse into the daily lives of people from the country that gave us Justin Bieber, Trivial Pursuit, and Rob Ford. We love the land of America’s Hat.


Saudi 2-Wheel Tire Change

Your absolutely unsafe and insane video of the week comes from a group of teens from Saudi Arabia on a seemingly never ending road, changing their cars tires while driving.

live mj mix

Kawehi – Michael Jackson Cover

Kawehi is a relatively new YouTuber but has already released some really great and creative cover songs, live looping them and mixing in her pretty vocals.

hbo trailers

HBO: GO Trailers

NSFW. HBO has just released a series of trailers promoting their HBO: GO streaming service. Excellent commercials that are pretty much spot on.


Dvořák – Symphony No. 9

“B-Classic presents The Classical Comeback: a new music video format that gives classical music the same recognition as pop and rock music by combining the timeless emotion of


Manga & Anime Identification

Wives and girlfriend of nerds, listen up. Kotaku has a great high-level rundown covering all the major types of anime and manga out there, assuring your next encounter with the confusing

1950s pitspot

1950′s Pitstops

Observe how the art of the Pit Stop has evolved since 1950. The pitstop can make or break a race for any Formula-1 Racer, so it remains one of the most crucial parts of the race to this day.


April Fools Teacher Prank

The way April Fools pranks were meant to be executed. Good clean fun that left no one murdered or otherwise maimed. Check out this prank that this professors students play on him.


360° Video with GoPro

Using a custom 3-D printed mount, Jonas Ginter sewed together six GoPro cameras to create (what seems to be) the first 360 moving spherical video. Really amazing stuff here and not