24 Hour Tag

An old video from the Japanese variety show by DOWNTOWN where the losing team was sent to a school gym to play a 24-hour tag game, with Matsumoto planning all the punishments.


Mexican Standoff Short

Two cops get more than they bargained for when they face down a ruthless criminal… Combining the camera style of RocketJump and the comedians Key and Peele turned out to be a great combo.


Ylvis – Massachusetts

The kids behind What Does the Fox Say? are back with a promotional video for Massachusetts. If they can keep it up they are fast becoming the next Lonely Island.


Probably Archery


Created in the same vein of QWOP, Probably Archery gives you control of an archers arms, using a variety of keys. Sounds easy, but it will put your coordination and dexterity to the test.


Anchorman 2 Trailer 2

The legend continues this December. Watch Brick and the boys settle into their new digs as they try to find their place in life in this new Anchorman 2 trailer.


Living With Jigsaw

If you think living with the instigator from the Saw movies would be fun – well it might be at first, but can get old quick. A spoof on the movies with a spot on impersonation.


Spongebob In The Hood

NSFW  What Sponge Bob would sound like if he was your neighborhood dope dealer. Living in a pinapple never seemed so frightening – watch for N-bombs, the clip is littered with them.


50 Unforgettable Things

Buzzfeed has put together a a great list of things from our childhood that are basically impossible to forget about. If we forget the past, then we are doomed to eat green ketchup again…


Conan Furloughs Staffers

In the spirit of the government shutdown, Conan is laying off some of his staff. One of our favorite Conan staffers, Jordan Schlansky, is of course under heavy fire once again.


Shark Movie Posters

Producers of the critically acclaimed Sharknado figured out the key to making blockbuster movies. Sharks make movies better. This tumblr takes it to the illogical extreme and inserts overly


GTA V Knockouts

This Grand Theft Auto 5 video has nothing standout on it’s own, but the accompanying track makes it one that you don’t want to pass up. POWWWW!


Bieber on BetweenTwoFerns

Zach Galifianakis sits down with Justin Bieber for an interview no one will ever forget – calling The Biebs out on all his recent past guffs and finally teaching him a lesson.



Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake show you what a Twitter conversation sounds like in real life. Hashtags basically need to stop as they are getting a bit out of hand.



All it takes is a relentless sense of humor, a Batman mask, and great timing and you’ve got yourself a recipe for YouTube gold, and wife that’s totally sick of it.


Louis C.K. Hates Cell Phones

Why? Well, it’s a melancholy tale filled with despair and hope and a Bruce Springsteen song. Louis drives another point home with laugh out loud humor and forehead smacking obviousness.


Golf Stereotypes

Golf Stereotypes: Maybe you’ve seen them. Maybe you are them. As admittedly not huge golfers (or likers of the sport even), we still found a bunch of these pretty funny.



Michael attempts to ‘fix’ Dwight and Jim. Fix them on a smaller scale – a micro form of management – as Jim coins “Microgement”. Hilarity ensues as Jim takes the place of a offended customer.


Hipster Disney Princess

Snow White, Belle, Cinderella and Ariel reveal their inner Hipsters! They’re so unique, that they’re all the same, just like you and me! Lots of other great musicals in their YouTube channel



You all played “Would you Rather” as a kid, and this website was created in the same vein, giving you a choice of something epic, but also balancing it out with something ridiculous.


Ylvis – The Fox

A weird, seemingly almost educational music video starts off innocently enough, then just takes a turn for the weird and the night time, fog green light effects kick in. Thanks Red5!


Big Red BBQ Bottle

A combo bottle that holds soda and BBQ brisket or chicken. So, they’re not mixed as a flavor, but you get both with one bottle. Just a spoof, of course, but it did make our mouths a little wet.


Moving Tail Kitty Car Decal

Get some animal action on your car in a way that isn’t illegal in most states with the Moving Tail Kitty Car Decal. Designed for cars with a rear window wiper, this whimsical kitty