Biker Gang Theater

148 bikers in a 150 person theater. Two empty spots in the dead center. Would you sit down? Carlsberg presents a hidden camera ad for the Belgian beer.


Conan Busts Employees

If you’re going to start a secret email chain, you’d better make sure your boss doesn’t find out – especially if your boss is Conan. Hidden cameras catch the offenders as the weak links begin


Banana Fan

Why? Because we have never seen one. Haunting.


Absinthe Gumballs


Chew some of these Absinthe Gumballs as you read the plays of Oscar Wilde, recite the poetry of Charles Baudelaire or admire the paintings of Vincent van Gogh. All were notorious imbibers


Penguins Attack!

This short clip proves that penguins can still be cute, even when in attack mode. We particularly enjoy the feet-up fall at the end.


TRON Duck Tape Commercial

The Tron Guy‘s last seconds of his 15 minutes of fame are preserved in this neat stop motion advertisement for Duck Tape. How he got a wife that far out of his league we may never know.



Bridge is a story about four animal characters trying to cross a bridge, but ending up as obstacles to one another in the process. The moral behind this story revolves around how there are


Butt/Face Soap


Tired of putting things on your face that should only be on your butt? Well… you might have some more serious problems, but we’ve got you covered for all your butt facing shower needs.


Portal Gun Rap

Wish I wish I had a portal gun. Stuck in my head for days. Dorkly provides this NSFW rap based on everyone’s favorite Aperture Science technology. Stick around for a not-so-surprise ending.


The Splendiferous Barfing Cup

The result of a slow night while working at your favorite fast-food shoppe? Who knew such an incredibly silly concept would be so entertaining. The sound effects are tip-top too.


Hey-Ya Twin Wii Dance

Twin baby boys dance to the classic OutKast Hey-Ya song on the Wii. The one with the white controller might be a bit more into it than the other one.


Louie Season 1


FX continues to churn out the comedy gold with Louis C.K. starring in the dark-comedy version of Seinfeld. Featuring stellar guest stars such as Matthew Broderick and Ricky Gervais

The Weee Soccer

The Weee Soccer

2 for 20 BUY MORE

Bring a smart and fun twist to any bar, restaurant, hotel or office restroom. Sure, keeping your establishment clean and pee off the floor is priority number one


Xperia X10 Product Testing

Viral advertisement for the new Xperia X10. Not sure what it exactly does because I still rock my RAZR. Also be sure to check out the surfer test group.

Futuristic Frozen Treat of the Day

Peel-able Popcicle

Now here’s something to chill that summer-time heat. A popsicle spotted in Hong Kong modeled after a banana with that taste of grape and vanilla. I’ll take a box!



You wouldn’t think so, but NeverChill HQ gets downright frigid at times. Non-Toxic, form fitting, breathable cotton means no more cold hands! Handerpants, handerpants, HANDERPANTS!


Bacon Gumballs


With the bacon epidemic that has been sweeping the country, it’s a wonder why these didn’t come out a bit sooner. But hey, for under $10, you can get bacon and meatball flavors, so why not.


Kenny Powers – MFCEO

Hilarious short on Kenny Powers‘ takeover as CEO of KSWISS. Hard to believe this is an official video, but all I know now is that I want a pair of these shoes. Warning: NSFW Language.