Fast Food Secret Menus

Gizmodo puts together a clear overview of the secret menu items available at five of our favorite fast food restaurants. Jamba Juice just jumped to the top of our dessert list.


Asics Gel Epirus


The rugged canvas and suede blended upper comes dipped in burgundy sauce, while a white and gum marriage rounds out the sole unit down below.


Inception Explained

An interactive animation explaining Inception that summarizes the plot in an easy to follow animated infographic for those who found the film confusing and want answers to the end of


New York Subway 1981

1981, 22-year-old Florida photographer named Christopher Morris spent 6 months documenting the plight of New York City’s subway system. Great throwback set.

shot straws

Shot Straws

Shot Straws strive to make your shot-taking experience “more fun and delicious”. The Shot Straw is an innovation in alcohol consumption. The product is essentially a shot glass


Bacon Hot Sauce


This saucy mix combines the delicious, smoky, piggy flavoured goodness of bacon with the tongue tingling, heat of, well, hot sauce resulting in one almighty porcine condiment.

lock key tihk

TIHK Handcuff Key


Looking into get arrested soon? Grab the tiny, belt loop hugging TIHK key. Its minimal, low-profile design and low-visibility coating ensure that it can be carried inconspicuously and go undetected


Watercolor Cookies

Who isn’t smitten by the wash of colors this time of year? Bring an artful approach to your next get together with watercolor cookies. Simple and easy for everyone, even those of us who didn’t take


Korean Fried Chicken Recipe

This insanely easy, super addictive Korean Fried Chicken Recipe is baked in the oven, and not deep-fried, but still creates a super crisp skin! Sign us up for a bucket of fifty.


Defunk Your Wetsuit

Don’t like it when you and your car smell like rotten piss after a morning surf? Korduroy.TV has researched a few household remedies that will get you and your wettie feeling fresh and clean.


50 Pearl Packed Oysters


Shopping for a Valentine is mighty tough. Knock it out of the park this year and get 50 fresh oysters delivered to your door, with a guaranteed 6+mm pearl in each and every one.


Spark Sleeping Bag


One of the most cumbersome of utilities required for camping is the sleeping bag. Give yourself one less thing to worry about with a neigh pocket sized version from Sea To Summit.

celeb photoshop

Photoshopped Photo Bombs

PeejeT (Patrick Thorendahl) is a pop culture enthusiast who makes his admiration for successful women and men clear by hilariously Photoshopping himself into celebrity photos.


Instant Regret Hot Peanuts


Would you like to taste the most ferociously hot peanuts that you’ll ever have the fiery misfortune to consume? That will scorch your mouth and reduce your tongue to a smouldering pink


LED Tagged Snails

This ‘Slime Watch’ report and documentary saw researchers track the nocturnal activity of 450 garden snails using LED lights UV paint and time lapse photography over the course of 72 hours


Cheddar Bacon Crack Dip

This aptly named dip consists of four ingredients and the results are amazing. A favorite at tailgating parties for the next Big Game™ – serve with chips or vegetables if you’re into that sort of thing.


Cannbutter Recipe

Our intrigue beat out our distaste for drug use on this one. Here are seven easy steps for a great cannabutter – from the boiling of the butter/marijuana mixture to the straining


iPhone Smart Pants

The newest trend sweeping across tech savvy Japan are these interchangeable rubber thong and underwears for you iPhone. We don’t know why they exist, but it’s only a matter of time


Disney Princesses vs. Capcom

This is a series of 8-bit/pixelated digital art created by MikeVDesign of Disney princesses as fighters in side-scrolling beat-em-up game. Be sure to check out Round 2 as well!


Majestic Casual

Self described as one of the first audiovisual music blogs on YouTube – Majestic Casual represents the best of electronic music, experimental, hip-hop, indie, pop and much more. It’s part of the


Swim in Money

When did you last purchase a bank safe? And one with money at that! Never mind the answer but if you want to, the answer to that lies in James Edition’s ‘Extraordinaire’. The extraordinary

recipe from fridge


Looking to make something new for dinner, but only have the food in your fridge to content with? MyFridgeFood aims to help you create a full on meal using just the items you already have in