Dwight Schrute’s Perfect Crime

Your favorite beet farmer is also a criminal mastermind. Click the gallery link for a beet fueled tirade on how to effectively steal Tiffany’s heart and chandelier.


Yowayowa Levitation

Natsumi Hayashi likes to take pictures of herself while floating through the air. Hey, who doesn’t? What shes doesn’t tell you is it can take more than 100 shots to get it right. Sometimes


Million Bottle Temple

This Thai temple consists of more than 1 million recycled glass bottles. Throughout the premises of the temple, including the crematorium, surrounding shelters, and yes – even the




Bring the topography of the world to your living room with these textured and dimensional rugs made to mimic the countries of the world. While I’m particularly infatuated with Africa


How to Claim

There is no more tangible form of stoke than a surfer claiming a wave. Show mother nature who’s boss with a variety of gestures from the double-bird to the no-claim-claim.

Demeter Play-doh Cologne Spray 1 oz spray

Play-doh Cologne


Get that fresh, just-out-of-the-can, “eau de PLAY-DOH” aroma that we all used to take for granted as youngins. The 1-ounce, spray bottle fragrance is meant


Architects of Air Luminaria

Enjoy the beauty of light! An inflatable walk-in sculpture made of translucent PVC that is “somewhere between a womb and a cathedral” the 1mm thick walls allows daylight through


New York, Phew York


Get all the sights and most of the smells of NYC without all the awkward stares. An interactive scratch-n-sniff guide through NYC; from bagels to garbage. Venture into 19 neighborhoods


Flower Grenades

17 for 3 BUY MORE

Gardening’s gone guerrilla – You’ve seen them, you may have looked away, but you’ve seen them. Those forgotten areas of the estate, left to fall apart and fall into disrepair.


Free Beats

Shockwave taking to the New York streets to set up an “open mic” type public freestyle, letting any and all passerby’s to spit a few. The little girl at the end is just too cute.


Glacier Surfing

Brrr. I don’t know whats worse, the bitter cold in Alaska or getting ground to bits by a glacier wave. Garrett McNamara and Kealii Mamala surfing a tsunami created by


Ableton Live Vids

The latest Internet fad, Ableton Mash-ups! Rollover the featured image to watch ‘Don’t Hold Back‘. Also Madeon, who started it all. Bonus points if you can name the surfing vid!


Urban Exploration

Follow urban historian Steve Duncan as he explores the winding depths of subway and pipe systems in New York, Rome and London. The 28 minute video in the link gives

paintball shotgun

Master Blaster Paintball Shotgun

25 Paintball Shotgun? Check. Creative Slow-motion Cinematography? Check. Air Guitar Finale? Check. Say hello to the best video you will be seeing all weekend.


Wave Garden

I will definitely be installing one of these in my back yard. Wavegarden’s cutting edge technology allows for the creation of a broad and customizable range of authentic surfing waves