NGC 2403 Galaxy

Magnificent island universe NGC 2403 stands within the boundaries of the long-necked constellation Camelopardalis. Some 10 million light-years distant and about


Throw Back Skateboard Designs

Vintage style skateboard designs from Australian based designer Nick Thompson. These designs look like they were torn right out of a 50′s magazine advertisement or TV show.


Zip Tie Massimal

Over 20,000 zip-ties were used to create this 1:1 scale mesh like form of a massimal, producing an ephemeral glowing volume when illuminated.

Un-Grumble Sliderss

Un-Grumble Sliders


These tiny burgers, with full-size smiles are the cutest little picnic favors you may ever come across. Made of stitched fabric and cotton, grab ‘em while they are fresh!


Milky Way Over Abandoned Kilns

The above panorama is a digital conglomerate of five separate images taken in early June from the same location. Visible above the unusual kilns is a colorful star field, highlighted by


Tandem Table and Stool

Tandem is a storage space, a seat and a side table all at once. It just depends on how you use it. Multifunctional is the name of this game.
Designer: Geoffrey Graven


Capt. America Illustrations

50-100 BUY MORE

While I can’t say I’m a fan of the superhero character himself, these Captain America Poster Illustrations from Tyler Stout and Olly Moss are just jaw-dropping.

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Kylie Stillman’s Book Carving

Out of Australia, Kylie makes carving a secret flask compartment child’s play with these amazingly detailed chisel carvings all done by using the sides of books as a medium.

Terrarium 3 Hand blown Glass Terrariums From Bevara Design

Hand-blown Terrariums

Never have we seen such a beautiful encapsulated environment in such a small space. Who needs a full plot when these hand-blown, entirely seamless glass spheres are available.


Cereal Bowl Light

Creative concept lamp…yes, lamp, from ideaka. Ingredients: cereal, touch sensor, metal spoon, bowl, ‘milk’ and magic. Simply tap the spoon, and watch it glow.


Christopher Boffoli Macros

Taking macro photography to another level, Christopher Boffoli brings food to life. Hot dogs to broccoli, Christopher’s perspective may just change the way you look at your next meal!

Norm 69 Image 1

Norm 69 Hanging Lamp


Reasonably priced and highly stylish pendant lamps out of the Normann-Copenhagen design shop, you construct these lamps yourself from the 69 translucent pieces into one of 4 available sizes.

Street Fighter Mini Figures

Street Fighter Mini Figures


Street fighting is serious business, but even Ryu can’t be serious all the time. This is especially true when he’s made out of vinyl and absolutely adorable. Loving the style of the figurines.

Wave Card

Wave Gift Card

Developed on a trip back to Laguna Beach in 2010, thinking of how we would be able to simplify gift card packaging with equally simple production methods.

Impenetrable Castle

Callesen’s Papercraft Art

An amazing art exhibition by cut papercraft artist Peter Callesen. This artist has produced some breathtaking works, using little more than paper and razor blades.


Revolver Pen Holder


A reminder of the power of the written language and the harm it can cause, the revolver pen holder is hand carved from a single piece of aluminum by industrial artisans in Mexico.


Protect Your Cup

Sometimes, the simplest ideas tend to be the best, like this basic stop-plug idea to protect your cup from co-workers. This idea comes from Israeli designer Efrat Gommeh,