Nowhere and Everywhere

An art installation in which you become the dancer – avoiding hundreds of delicate pendulums, swinging in timed sequences. As you move around without touching the pendulums, your strides



A wonderful series of human head cross sections made out of shells, electronics, yarn, and other found objects – created by Edwige Massart and Xavier Wynn of art duo EMnXW.


Mixed Blood

A photographic and textual project portraying NYC and Beijing based families that include children with “mixed” races, ethnicities, and cultures. Mixed Blood questions and diffuses the



The result of research on the possibilities of new materials like Lycra screens and developing an interactive system that recognizes pressure on the interface. The result: a touch screen that also


Reflected Landscapes

In this recent series of digital artworks, Brooklyn-based graphic designer Victoria Siemer begins with dreamy landscapes of mountains, cliffs and forests shrouded in fog and clouds and


Artist in Residence

The Webby Awards named Banksy “Person of the Year” for 2014 – he was a no show. The host, Patton Oswalt accepted the award and looked down at his speech, joking, “Somebody


A Separate Reality

Alex Andreev creates amazing digital illustrations and states: “It sounds paradoxical but digital art attracts me because it is free of technological influence. While in traditional arts technologies


3D Glass Sculptures

Layering digital prints on two dimensional panes of glass, Eyal Gever is able to achieve a hyper-realistic image of the smoke given off of a volcanic eruption and the mushroom cloud of an


Surreal Animated GIFs

Milos “Sholim” Rajkovic has created a surreal collection of animated GIFs showcasing faceless people with moving mechanical parts packed into their heads. The models he used his GIFs

video game art

The Best Video Game Art

Every year, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) get together to select the very best in professional video game art.


Zelda Enemies IRL

Make a realistic Zelda they said. Explore the beautifully rendered world they said. It’ll be great they said. … NOPE! Concept artist Nate Hallinan’s creations aren’t renders – this is all Photoshop


Spurious Correlations

Some of these make perfect sense, while just as many will make you scratch your head in wonder. Enjoy these graphs of spurious correlations and see if you can find your own to submit!

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Zhong Fenghua Art

Zhong Fenghua is a master level illustrator, concept artist and instructor. He’s pretty much on top of his game, cranking out some absolutely insane compositions based off of Chinese


Light Painting Self-Portraits

Self-portraits aren’t exactly ground-breaking but Alex DeForest‘s self-portraits are anything but ordinary. His interesting creations mix light painting techniques with photography to create


Contre Temps

French for ‘Against Time’ – this short uses a mixture of 3D character animation and breathtaking 2D painted backgrounds to tell the story of a lone clock maker on his


3D Printed Guitars


Olaf Diegal uses 3D printing technology and his creative talent to produce guitars that are amazing to looks at and sound just as incredible. His designs range from SteamPunk to an intriguing

burnt stay puft man

Burnt Stay Puft Man


They’ve taken their popular 11-inch tall bank of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, put it on a large stick, and held it over a roaring fire to create this


Knitted Food

Art director and model maker Jessica Dance and photographer David Sykes bring a new meaning to the phrase “comfort food” with their delightfully fuzzy series of knitted food photography.


Polly Verity Sculptures

Most of Polly Veriy’s paper and wire sculptures are based on animals or mythological creatures and the size of her sculptures range from palm to life sized. The wire shapes the frame and is


Macro Firework Photography

Nick Pacione camped out below a firework show and captured these awesome shots using a macro lens. He used a special rack focus technique that changes focus during the exposure to create



For the cat lady with too much money and also can’t go a single meal without cat hair embedded somewhere in it, we bring you the CATable. An exquisitely crafted Swiss cheese of a table.


Beautiful Fül – 2014

A throwback to Los Angeles-based Label Beautiful Fül‘s very first collection and a nod to the greaser culture that defined the California of old, the brand’s seasonal Los Angeles-set lookbook and